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Thursday February 29th 2024

The War Of The Roses | 1989

Danny De Vito’s gleefully pitch-black comedy sees high-flying professionals Oliver and Barbara Rose (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) turning divorce into a bitter fight to the death.

‘Nantucket’, where the Roses first meet up, is not the classy New England resort at all, but way over on the Pacific Northwest Coast. It’s Coupeville, Route 20, on Whidbey Island, 40 miles north of Seattle, Washington State.

And the cutesy, snow-covered street, in ‘Cambridge, Massachusetts’, where Barbara presents Oliver with a Morgan, is no more than the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles.

In fact, most of the movie was shot on stages at Twentieth Century-Fox in LA, where the huge, three-storey set was built, to match up with a real house at 119 Fremont Place, the private gated community in LA’s posh Hancock Park district, which regularly supplies luxurious mansions for Hollywood. The house looks slightly different now, so it's either been remodelled or the production added a more elaborate portico.

The senate hearing is held in Los Angeles City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, in downtown, and more interiors were filmed in the city’s eastern neighbour, Pasadena, at the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), 1201 East California Boulevard.