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Saturday May 18th 2024

Tigerland | 2000

Joel Schumacher continued his self-imposed exile to Indieland penitence after the overblown disaster of Batman And Robin, though this softer cousin of Full Metal Jacket isn’t the Dogme-style experience promised.

This love-letter to the bad boy with a heart of gold never found an audience, though it launched the career of professional hellraiser Colin Farrell.

Set in 1971, in the ‘Fort Polk’ boot camp, Louisiana, the movie was shot, in 28 days, without the luxury of trailers or hairdressers or any of the usual paraphernalia of Hollywood, at Fort Blanding,on the shore of Kingsley Lake, a few miles east of Starke, southwest of Jacksonville in north Florida (where parts of Ridley Scott's 1997 GI Jane were shot).

Dating from 1939, the camp is the Florida Army National Guard’s primary training area. A large area of the base is now a state park. You can visit the Camp Blanding Museum, Building 3040, Tallahassee Street, Starke.