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Wednesday July 17th 2024

Scenes From A Mall | 1991

Scenes From a Mall location: Beverly Center, midtown Los Angeles
Scenes From a Mall location: the shopping mall: Beverly Center, midtown Los Angeles

Woody Allen married to Bette Midler? Woody Allen in Los Angeles? Pretty unlikely.

The mall, where the marriage of Deborah and Nick Fifer (Midler and Allen) falls apart during a shopping trip, is, ostensibly, the Beverly Center, Beverly Boulevard at La Cienega Boulevard, midtown Los Angeles, which is, indeed, used for exteriors.

The Fifer home is 1652 Woods Drive, in the Hollywood Hills above West Hollywood, just off Laurel Canyon Boulevard. It's a close neighbour of the famous Stahl House, seen in Galaxy Quest, though that's on a private stretch of the road.

But Woody Allen doesn’t like to stray too far from New York, and certainly not to the abhorred West Coast.

The interior of the mall, with its tiresome mimes, carol singers and sushi bars, is Stamford Town Center, Atlantic Street, Stamford, Connecticut.

And, as if that weren't enough, most of the studio interiors were filmed in the Kaufman-Astoria Studios, Queens, back in good old New York.