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Thursday April 25th 2024

Rushmore | 1998

Rushmore location: Emerald Court, Houston, Texas
Rushmore location: the home of Max Fischer: Emerald Court, Houston | Photograph: Donald Spicer

Made in the director’s home town of Houston, Texas, Wes Anderson’s whimsical tale is kept afloat by Jason Schwartzman’s endearingly geeky enthusiasm as Max Fischer, blithely attempting to build a multi-million dollar aquarium or staging Serpico as a school play.

‘Rushmore Academy’, Max’s long-suffering private school, is St John’s School, 2401 Claremont Lane, north of Westheimer Road, the director’s old school, west of downtown.

Across Westheimer is ‘Grover Cleveland High School’, the public school to which he’s banished, which is Lamar High School, 3325 Westheimer Street, at Buffalo Speedway (and not nearly as run-down as it’s shown in the film).

Rushmore location: Doug’s Barber Shop, East Eleventh Street, Houston
Rushmore location: the barber shop: Doug’s Barber Shop, East Eleventh Street, Houston | Photograph: Donald Spicer

Max’s house, alongside the cemetery, is 108 Emerald Court, west of North Freeway, Northside Village, north of Houston. It’s been spruced up quite a bit since the film. The next-door graveyard, where Max visits his mother’s grave, is Hollywood Cemetery, 3506 East Main Street.

'Bert’s’, his dad’s haircutting business, is Doug and Don’s Barber Shop, 219 East Eleventh Street. at Harvard Street;.

‘Blume International Saw Pipes’, the enormous factory of businessman Herman Blume (Bill Murray), is Saw Pipes USA Inc, 5200 East McKinney Road, Baytown, east of Houston.

After his wife asks for a divorce, Blume is obliged to move into, what was, the classy Warwick Hotel, now boutique Hotel ZaZa Houston, 5701 Main Street in Houston’s Museum District, south of town.

Max flies a kite with Dirk, and meets Margaret with her plane, in the parking lot of Delmar Stadium, 1900 Mangum Road at West 18th Street, northwest Houston.