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Sunday March 3rd 2024

My Dinner With Andre | 1981

My Dinner With Andre poster
My Dinner With Andre location: Cafe des Artistes, West 67th Street, New York
My Dinner With Andre location: The apparent dinner location: Cafe des Artistes, West 67th Street, New York

Extended mealtime conversation, from a two-hander play, which, against all the odds, somehow manages to be fascinating.

If you want to relive the experience (expensively) with a friend, the restaurant is the romantic but pricy The Leopard at des Artistes (formerly the Cafe des Artistes) in the Hotel des Artistes, 1 West 67th Street at Central Park West, New York.

The hotel was once home to the likes of Isadora Duncan, Alexander Wollcott, Noël Coward and Norman Rockwell. You can see its interior in Woody Allen’s Manhattan Murder Mystery and it's also where the aggrieved women meet up in The First Wives Club

Simple? No, it never is, of course. The movie was shot in Richmond, Virginia.

Due to budgetary restrictions, a non-union crew was used, which meant relocating from New York.

The restaurant’s interior was recreated in the Grand Ballroom of the, then closed-down Jefferson Hotel, 101 West Franklin Street at Adams Street in Richmond.

The grandiose Beaux Arts building, dating from 1895, had been damaged by fire, but reopened in its full splendour again as the Jefferson Sheraton in 1986.