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Sunday June 16th 2024

Crimes Of The Heart | 1986

Crimes Of The Heart film location: Northrup House, North Caswell Avenue, Southport
Crimes Of The Heart film location: the 'Mississippi' house where the sisters gather: Northrup House, North Caswell Avenue, Southport | Photograph: chapin31 / iStockphoto

Kooky whimsy alert! It’s Beth Henley on the loose again, with Bruce Beresford’s adaptation of her marshmallow-centred, would-be black comedy play which, admittedly, won a Pulitzer Prize (and the screenplay was Oscar nominated) – so what does a heartless old cynic like me know?

The story is set in ‘Hazlehurst, Mississippi’, but was filmed around Southport, south of Wilmington on North Carolina’s south coast (Southport is also the location for I Know What You Did Last Summer and TV series Dawson’s Creek).

The white Gingerbread house of Lenny Magrath (Diane Keaton), where the three sisters gather, is the Northrup House House, 229 North Caswell Avenue, Southport.

Flaky Babe Magrath (Sissy Spacek) is being held in the unsavoury surroundings of ‘Copiah County Jail’ – which is Old Brunswick County Jail, East Nash Street at North Rhett Street.

The wooded cemetery, where Babe confesses to sister Meg (Jessica Lange) about her unorthodox relationship with young Willie Jay (Gregory Eugene Travis) as they tend their mother’s grave, is Old Smithville Burying Ground, East Nash Street at North Rhett Street.

Babe has more on her mind, having made a hash of murdering her overbearing husband Zackery Botrelle by shooting him in the stomach. He recovers in the Dosher Memorial Hospital, 924 North Howe Street.

Babe and Zackery’s grand mansion is the Orton Plantation, 9149 Orton Road, Winnabow, between Southport and Wilmington. The plantation is also featured in Firestarter, Adrian Lyne’s 1997 remake of Lolita, Alan Parker’s The Road to Wellville and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.