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Tuesday May 21st 2024

Carry On Regardless | 1961

Carry On Regardless film location: Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire
Carry On Regardless location: the ‘Helping Hands’ agency: Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire

Number five in the series, which was yet to find its particular brand of naughtiness, is a series of unconnected sketches linked by an Employment Agency gimmick: ‘Helping Hands Ltd’, which operates from the basement of 15 Park Street at Sheet Street, just to the south of Windsor Castle, Windsor in Berkshire. A few years later, the ‘Wedded Bliss Agency’ would operate from the fourth floor in Carry On Loving and, Crikey, it’s just a couple of doors away from the consulting rooms of Dr Nookey from Carry On Again Doctor.

The sinister man who wants a ‘fourth at bridge’ is supposedly staying at the posh Dorchester Hotel, 53 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1. You can see much more of the Dorchester in 2004 rom-com Wimbledon.

His garbled phone call sends Sam Twist (Kenneth Connor) to the Forth Bridge in Scotland (courtesy of back-projection), in a pastiche of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps.

Carry On Regardless film location: Goswell Road, Windsor, Berkshire
Carry On Regardless location: Courtney and the chimp: Goswell Road, Windsor, Berkshire

Francis Courtenay (Kenneth Williams) and monkey are barred from the bus in front of the railway arch on Goswell Road, Windsor. The supposed ‘zoological gardens’ across the road, to which Courtenay takes the chimp, is Windsor’s Alexandra Park.