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Wednesday May 22nd 2024

The Blue Lagoon | 1949

Henry de Vere Stacpole’s 1908 novel about two shipwrecked children growing up on a desert island and discovering (discreet) sex, was shot partly in the studio at Pinewood in the UK and partly on the Yasawa Islands, just northwest of Viti Levu, the main island of the Fiji archipelago.

The Yasawas were also used for the tropical beach 'heaven' at the end of Robert Zemeckis's 1997 Contact, with Jodie Foster.

The islands were largely undeveloped for years but you can now stay at the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on Nacula Island.

Incidentally, trivia fans, the first European to sight the Yasawas was British navigator William Bligh in 1789, following the infamous mutiny on the HMS Bounty.