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Wednesday July 17th 2024

A.I. – Artificial Intelligence | 2001

Steven Spielberg is at his best when he’s Spielberg, and not trying to be David Lean or, in this case, Stanley Kubrick. This adaptation of Brian Aldiss’s sci-fi story Super Toys Last All Summer Long begins well but trundles tiresomely from one seemingly arbitrary and sentimental ending to another, until you want to go into the projection booth with scissors and put an end to it all.

By its nature, most of the film was shot in the studio, where the ‘Gondola’ and ‘Flesh Fair’ sets were built in the huge Spruce Goose Dome in Long Beach, south Los Angeles: Built in 1983, to house Howard Hughes’s famous ’plane, it’s been used as a makeshift film studio since the Goose was whisked off to Seattle.

Interiors for Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Jan De Bont’s awful 1999 remake of The Haunting were shot here. At 415 feet in diameter and 100 feet high, it’s the largest geodesic dome in the world. It's now the Long Beach Cruise Terminal.

When she can no longer cope with the mecha-boy David (Haley Joel Osment), distraught Monica Swinton (Frances O'Connor) drives with him in a futuristic car through the Oregon foothills of Oxbow Regional Park, in the Sandy River Gorge, eight miles east of Gresham, Multnomah Country, when she can no longer cope with