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Sunday June 23rd 2024

102 Dalmatians | 2000

Cruella DeVil (Glenn Close) has benefitted greatly from therapy and is now all sweetness and light. Well, that’s not going to last long, is it?

On Westminster Bridge, the chimes of Big Ben cause Cruella to start having spotty hallucinations and in no time, all the good work is undone and she teams up with oddly fey Jean-Pierre Le Pelt (Gérard Depardieu) to deprive more cute little animals of their hides.

102 Dalmatians film location: Putney Embankment
102 Dalmatians film location: the ‘Second Chance’ animal shelter: Wandsworth Youth River Club, Putney Embankment

The Dearlys are long gone and this movie centres on the ‘Second Chance’ animal shelter, run by earnest Kevin Sheperd (Ioan Gruffudd) which is actually the rear of Wandsworth Youth River Club at the end of Ashlone Road on Putney Embankment. It’s private property, so please don’t trespass – you can recognise the film’s ‘animal shelter’ from the public footpath to the west.

102 Dalmatians film location: Park Street, Borough, London SE1
102 Dalmatians film location: The home of doggy-loving parole officer Chloe Simon: Park Street, Borough, London SE1

The home of Cruella’s doggy-loving parole officer Chloe Simon (Alice Evans) is 12 Park Street, Borough SE1, just opposite the gang’s hideout from Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels in this extremely popular filming spot, south of the Thames near London Bridge station.

102 Dalmatians film location: Hampstead Police Station,Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead NW3
102 Dalmatians film location: Kevin is sprung from the police station: Hampstead Police Station,Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead NW3

It’s from the first floor of 40 Brunswick Gardens, Kensington W8, that Cruella’s hapless butler Alonzo (Tim McInnerny) plummets into the basement while attempting to steal puppies.

After being framed for dognapping, Kevin is sprung by Waddlesworth the irritating talking parrot (Eric Idle) from his cell in the old Hampstead High Street Police Station, now closed, 26 Rosslyn Hill on the southeast corner of Downshire Hill, Hampstead NW3.

Cruella and Le Pelt board the Orient Express from the picturesque St Pancras Station (which served the north of England), not the more likely Victoria Station. However, times change and, in 2007, the station became St Pancras International, terminus for the Eurostar service to Europe.