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Sunday June 16th 2024

Film location & film-related links

Film locations

Internet Movie Database: incredibly useful on-line encyclopaedia of film and television. Cast and technical info is excellent, but the location entries can be a bit erratic, ranging from the vague ('London, UK') to the dubious (relying, wiki-style, on reader submissions, which are not necessarily accurate).

On Location Tours: the world's largest TV and movie tour company hosts tours of New York and Boston, featuring sites from both the big and small screen. One of New York City’s most popular tourist attractions, it serves over 100,000 tourists and locals annually. Tours include: New York TV & Movie Sites, Sex and the City Hotspots, Gossip Girl Sites, Sopranos Sites, Brooklyn TV & Movie Sites, Central Park TV & Movie Sites, Boston Movie Mile and Boston TV & Movie Sites.

Brit Movie Tours:  the premier provider of Film and TV location sightseeing tours in London and the UK, operating bus, walking and small vehicle tours in various locations throughout the UK including London, Cardiff, Leeds, Brentwood, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh and Belfast.

ReelStreets: Exterior locations seen in films made in Great Britain from the 1920s to the 1980s. Submissions welcome.

Seeing Stars: Everything Hollywood – from celeb hangouts to celeb gravesites, with everything in between, plus film and TV locations.

I Am Not a Stalker: Ever-so-slightly ironic title for a site dedicated to tracking down all manner of film and TV locations, plus celeb stuff; mainly, though not entirely, around Los Angeles.

ItsFilmedThere: Comprehensive film locations of Chicago and Los Angeles

Then & Now Movie Locations: Film locations with screencaps, 'now' photos and maps – particularly good on the horror genre.

Movie Tourist: Blogspot with plenty of screencaps and travel photos around Europe and the USA.

Movie Locations and More: Blogspot, a place to celebrate your favorite movie and television locations.


General film related sites

TheMovieNetwork: Everything movies – a site dedicated to films and the people who make them, working with actors/actresses, producers, directors and agents to ensure access to the latest pictures, videos, and news updates about movies.

Film London: film development in the UK capital.

Ischia Film Festival: festival celebrating the use of locations, both in Italy and throughout the world, held in the fitting setting of one of the most beautiful islands you’ll ever visit, in the Bay of Naples.


DVDs online

Amazon.com: on-line shop for books, DVDs, etc. Amazingly comprehensive, and there are dealers who often have hard-to-find and deleted items.

Amazon.co.uk: Amazon's UK site. Not quite as comprehensive as the US site.


Film trivia

Ain't It Cool News: legendary spot for news, leaks, previews, rumours and everything you could want to know. You'll hear it here first.