Which countries are covered in the Section?
As the name suggests, the Worldwide Guide includes details on films made around the globe. As the Travel Section is necessarily concerned with the practicalities of travel, this will be limited to areas we have actually visited. That said, we will not necessarily have visited every single individual location (eg bar or hotel) for a listed city.

Which films are included?
The Guide aims to list any mainstream cinema release, regardless of era or genre. Although we try to include small independent films, for reasons of space, it’s not always feasible to include more obscure titles of which the general public have likely not heard. Apart from mainstream studio productions, we include classics, arthouse films and cult favourites. You’ll notice that many classic Hollywood productions of the 30s and 40s are missing. This is because many of these films were made entirely, or almost entirely, on soundstages. Also, we don’t generally have room for TV movies.

Does the Travel Section list every film shot in the area?
No, it doesn’t. This would make for a very difficult and stodgy read. The highlights that most people will want to see are covered, along with the totally subjective inclusion of sites that interest or amuse us. You can cross-check with the main Movie Locations site to find fuller details for a specific film.

What can I expect to see?
Some locations are heavily disguised with set-dressing for the film or, increasingly, digitally altered to suit the needs of the production. Places featured in older films may obviously have changed over the years. We try to give you an idea of how each location is used in the film and what you can expect to find when you arrive.

Have you personally visited all of the locations listed?
As you will be able to see from photographs accompanying the text, we have tried to visit personally as many of the sites listed as possible. There are, of course, practical limits to this, but we regularly visit new locations.

Will I be able to visit all of the locations listed in the Travel Section?
Most of them, as indicated. Some locations may only be viewed from a distance and some, of course, are private property and cannot normally visited. These will generally be listed, for the sake of completeness and to save you trying to track them down, on a film’s full entry on the main Movie Locations site.

What if I spot a mistake, or discover that a location has changed?
We welcome all updates and corrections by email. Please do not be offended if your changes are not immediately implemented. We receive quite a lot of mail and, in the interest of accuracy, it’s our policy to double check all information.

Can I contribute photographs?
We are always happy to receive original photographs, which we will be happy to credit to you and, where appropriate, add a link.

Can I suggest a location?
By all means. First-hand and local knowledge is always of interest. We can only accept specific locations and not the general “Filmed in Montana” type of entry, which is of limited use to the traveller.