The Undead, 1957


Roger Corman


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You get to see the Spadena House in glorious colour, when Alicia Silverstone wanders past it in Clueless.

The Usual Suspects film location: Korean Bell of Friendship, Angels Gate Park, South Gaffey Street, San Pedro, Los Angeles

The Undead filming location: the witch’s house: Spadena House, Walden Drive, Beverly Hills

Interesting early Roger Corman pic, in which a woman is sent back to the Middle Ages when, in a previous life, she was burned as a witch.

The medieval scenes make imaginative use of the famous ‘Witch’s House’ – with a helpful blanket of impenetrable fog to mask the surrounding Beverly Hills neighbourhood.

The gingerbread fairytale cottage is the Spadena House, 516 Walden Drive, off Santa Monica Boulevard.

Built in 1921 as combined production offices and movie set for the Irving C Willat movie company, it stood originally at 6509 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City. It was moved to its present location in the Thirties.

There’s a persistent claim that the house was used as John Gielgud’s bungalow in Tony Richardson’s The Loved One, but it’s not. You can, however, glimpse this bit of Beverly Hills eccentricity in Clueless.

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