To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)


Robert Mulligan


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Visit: Alabama

Visit: the Monroe County Heritage Museum and Courthouse, 31 North Alabama Avenue, Monroeville, AL 36460 (tel: 251.575.7433)

In the area

Faulk House Site
Although the home on South Alabama Avenue where Truman
spent his childhood burned in 1940, portions of the
rock fence and foundation remain, and an Alabama historic
marker guides visitors to the spot. Mel's Drive In next door is the site of the house where Harper Lee grew up.

To Kill A Mockingbird location: Monroeville, Alabama

To Kill A Mockingbird: Monroe County Heritage Museum and Courthouse, Monroeville, Alabama

Photograph: Monroe County Heritage Museum

Gregory Peck takes home Best Actor Oscar as Deep South lawyer Atticus Finch, who has his work cut out defending Tom Robinson (Brock Peters), a black man accused of rape.

Harper Lee, author of the original novel, based the fictitious setting of ‘Maycomb’ on hometown of Monroeville in Alabama, which seemed the obvious place to film. But the town had undergone too many changes and in the end, was recreated on the Universal backlot in Hollywood. So well, in fact, that many people believe the film was made on location (Art Director Henry Bumstead also won an Oscar).

The real Monroeville is in southwest Alabama on Highway 84 – the historically important El Camino East/West Corridor, linking the state with Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia.

Apart from Harper Lee, the city has also produced writers Truman Capote, journalist Cynthia Tucker and Mark Childress (author of Crazy In Alabama), earning it the title Literary Capital of Alabama.

You can catch a stage performance of To Kill A Mockingbird, performed annually (in April and May) by local citizens at the Monroe County Heritage Museum and Courthouse, 31 North Alabama Avenue.

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