Star Trek: Insurrection, 1998



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Los Angeles: Flights: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Visit: Inyo National Forest. Covering over two million acres, the forest is home to Mount Whitney, Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes Basin, and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Bishop Area Visitors Bureau


The forests of the High Sierra around Bishop were used by Sam Peckinpah as a backdrop for Ride The High Country

Star Trek - Insurrection film location: Lake Sabrina, Mammoth, California

Star Trek - Insurrection film location: The Ba’ku mountain refuge: Lake Sabrina, Mammoth, California

Will Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) actually defy the Federation to prevent the lo-tech, hippy Ba'ku being forcibly ejected from their paradise by the nasty Son'a?

The idyllic Ba'ku colony was built at Lake Sherwood, south of Thousand Oaks, to the northwest of Los Angeles. The lake has been a favourite location since the silent era, and is even named for its role in the 1922 film of Robin Hood, with Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

More lake scenes used the San Gabriel River at the San Gabriel Reservoir, about seven miles north of Azusa, east of Pasadena.

The Ba'ku mountain refuge filmed on an inaccessible (unless, like the cast and crew, you have access to a helicopter) mountaintop above the beautiful Alpine reservoir, Lake Sabrina, 19 miles west of Bishop, Route 395, in the Inyo National Forest.

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