Rollerball, 1975


Norman Jewison


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Rollerball location: BMW Building, Munich, Germany

Rollerball location: the ‘Energy Corporation HQ’: BMW building in Munich, Germany

Norman Jewison’s futuristic sci-fi was made in Europe, at Pinewood Studio in the UK and in Munich.

The ‘Rollerball stadium’ is the vast, circular Rudi Sedlmayer Halle, Grasweg 74 in the Westpark, Munich. The hall was built as a basketball stadium for the 1972 Olympic Games.

Also in Munich, you’ll find the cylindrical towers of the ‘Energy Corporation HQ’ which are the BMW Building. Something of a screen favourite, a couple of years later the building appears in Dario Argento’s delirious giallo extravagance, Suspiria.

The world library, where Jonathan E (James Caan) consults the supercomputer Zero is the League of Nations Building in Geneva, Switzerland.

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