A River Runs Through It, 1991


Robert Redford


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Montana: visit: Big Timber

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In Robert Redford’s family drama, the Reverend Maclean (Tom Skerritt) teaches his sons Paul and Norman (Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer) life lessons, via the art of fly fishing, as well as the importance of good bone structure.

‘Missoula’ is actually Front Street, Livingston, on I-91 in southern Montana.

The extensive fishing scenes in Montana are south of town in Paradise Valley on the Yellowstone River; south of Bozeman on the Gallatin River and south of Big Timber on the Boulder River. In 1998, Robert Redford returned to Big Timber with The Horse Whisperer.

There was also second unit filming at Jackson, Wyoming.

And, as the credits are at pains to point out, no fish were harmed during the filming of this movie. Good.

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