Poltergeist, 1982


Tobe Hooper


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For an unquestionably Tobe Hooper film, see The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Poltergeist location, Roxbury Street, Forest Hills, Los Angeles

Poltergeist location: the Freeling house: Roxbury Street, Forest Hills, Simi Valley, Los Angeles

Photograph: Erik Hollander

A 25th Anniversary DVD, but no Director’s Commentary. Surprise! It’s still a matter of heated dispute exactly how much of the film was directed by Tobe Hooper and how much by ostensible producer Steven Spielberg (who was shooting E.T. at the same time).

It certainly has the deel of a Spielberg movie as malign forces enter a suburban Californian household through the television set. Although the opening shots are of streets in Agoura Hills, the ‘Freeling’ house itself is 4267 Roxbury Street in the small estate of Forest Hills in the Simi Valley north of Los Angeles. This is a private home, so please respect the privacy of the occupants.

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