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Sunday February 5th 2023

Planet Of The Apes | 1968

Planet of the Apes location: Westward Beach, Malibu, Los Angeles
Planet of the Apes location: Taylor is back to earth: Westward Beach, Malibu, Los Angeles

First there was Pierre Boulle's novel, Monkey Planet, then Franklin Schaffner's 1968 movie, the 70s TV series and then Tim Burton's 2001 're-imagining'.

For the original 1968 film, the arid planet, run by apes, is the desert around Page, Glen Canyon and Lake Powell, in northern Arizona.

The ape village sets were built on the Fox Ranch in Malibu Creek State Park, Las Virgenes Road off Mulholland Highway, south from Route 101, northwest of Los Angeles.

The final scene, when Taylor (Charlton Heston) realises he’s been on Earth all along, was filmed at a secluded cove on the far eastern end of Westward Beach, between Zuma Beach and Point Dume, Malibu. Ignore the wide curving beach by the carpark and clamber over the rocks to the east until you get to the quiet, and often deserted, little beach surrounded by cliffs.