MÜnchhausen, 1943


Josef von Báky


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In 1989, Terry Gilliam remade the fantasy as The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

The tale of a compulsive fantasist, whose name has been given to a medical syndrome, was turned into a big budget, full colour film in 1943 at the behest of Josef Goebbels, to compete with the best of Hollywood and perk up German morale as the tide of WWII began to turn.

It was made at Europe’s largest film studio – the UFA (Universum Film Aktien Gesellschaft) Studios.

The reputation of the studios, built in 1917, plummeted from the heights of classic German films of the Twenties and Thirties (Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Metropolis and The Blue Angel), when it was used to churn out Nazi propaganda vehicles like the infamous Jud Süss. More recently, though, Quentin Tarantino made Inglourious Basterds here.

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