Kill Bill: Vol. 2, 2004


Quentin Tarantino


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Los Angeles: Flights: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Eat at: Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe, 17143 D Street, the old Route 66 between Victorville and Oro Grande (tel: 760.243.9938)

Visit: Sam's Hofbrau, 1751 East Olympic Boulevard at McGarry Street, downtown Los Angeles (tel: 213.623.3989), the only topless strip-club in downtown LA.

Visit: China

in the area

California: Calico Ghost Town: Calico was developed in 1881 during the largest silver strike in California, and named for the striking colours in the mountain that were "as purty as a gal's calico skirt". The silver boom ended and, by 1904, Calico had become a ghost town.
The historic mining town lives on as one of the few original Old West mining camps, with a third of its original structures still standing and the remaining buildings have carefully reconstructed.

On the slat flats to the south of Calico, most of From Dusk Till Dawn was filmed.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 location: the wedding chapel: Lancaster

Kill Bill Vol. 2 location: the massacre at the 'El Paso' wedding chapel: 198th Street East in Lancaster, California

The 'Massacre at Two Pines', supposedly in 'El Paso, Texas', was filmed in the Mojave Desert, outside Lancaster, north of Los Angeles. The ‘Two Pines Wedding Chapel’ is Calvary Baptist Church, at the northeastern intersection of 198th Street East and East Avenue G (the apparently featureless desert is neatly planned out in a strict grid formation) a few miles east of Lancaster itself.

It’s about 50 miles east to find the trailer of Budd (Michael Madsen), parked at at Mule Canyon in the Calico Hills, north from the I-15, about 20 miles east of Barstow. Mule Canyon Road runs northeast from Yerma Road, to the west of Calico Ghost Town, where you’ll find the spectacular multicoloured rock formations that gave the town its name.

The salt flats, south of the ghost town, are where the ‘Titty Twister Bar’ was built for From Dusk Till Dawn.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 location: Sam's Hof Brau, Los Angeles

Kill Bill Vol. 2 location: the ‘My Oh My’ bar interior: Sam’s Hofbrau, downtown Los Angeles

Although the club appears to be out in the desert, the interior of the ‘My Oh My’ strip club, where Budd works as a bouncer, is Sam's Hofbrau, 1751 East Olympic Boulevard at McGarry Street, just west of Alameda Street, southeast of downtown. And that really is the club’s office where boss Larry gives Budd a dressing down about his timekeeping. The barman is a cameo from Rob Zombie regular, Sid Haig. Sam's had previously been used by Tarantino in the excellent Jackie Brown.

After bursting out of 'The Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz', dirt-covered Kiddo nonchalantly orders a glass of water at Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe, 17143 North D Street (National Trails Highway, which is the old Route 66), a couple of miles north of Victorville toward Oro Grande. The cafe is famed as the Home of the Brian Burger. The what? Quite. Emma Jean's (which is closed on Sundays) is a traditional Forties diner offering up generous portions – just what you need after clawing your way through several feet of desert soil.

It really is off to the Far East for the retreat of Pai Mei (Gordon Liu), where Kiddo learns the, erm, Five-Point-Palm Exploding Heart technique. It’s the Gao Temple (Gao Miao) on the east side of Miao Gao Mountain in Zhongwei, China.

The Temple complex is in the centre of Zhongwei, about a hundred miles southwest of Yinchuan, and reached from the northern end of Gulou Beijie. Built in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the original temple was destroyed by an earthquake in 1739, and rebuilt only to be consumed by fire in 1942. The present complex is a jumble of buildings of different styles, covering an area of about 4,000 square metres. You can reach Zhongwei by train from Beijing.

Beatrix finally catches up with Bill (David Carradine) at his hacienda, which is the estate of Seal and Heidi Klum at Costa Careyes, on the Costa Alegre (‘Happy Coast’), about 90 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, on the western coast of Mexico.

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• Many thanks to Sam's Hofbrau for help with this section.

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