Hello, Dolly!, 1969


Gene Kelly


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Garrison: rail: Garrison Metro-North Railroad Station, from New York Grand Central

Two million dollars were spent by Twentieth Century-Fox on the famous turn-of-the-century New York Street, which still earns its keep on the Fox lot (you can see it in the sepia photo-montage of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid).

For location filming, the town of Garrison, on the Hudson River, upstate New York, was ‘beautified’ to the tune of half a million dollars. Garrison is on Highway 9d, about 30 miles north of New York City , just over the Hudson from West Point Military Academy.

Some of the movie’s dressing remains, including the gazebo in Waterfront Park (though this was replaced in the Seventies, when the original temporary wooden structure rotted), and the fake barbershop façade. Horace Vandergelder’s Grocery Store was Garrison’s bed and breakfast, Golden Eagle Inn, which retained the embossed ‘V’s on the hotel’s doors. ‘Yonkers Railway Station’ is Garrison’s own station.

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