Cocktail, 1988


Roger Donaldson


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New York: Flights: JFK Airport

Baker Street Pub, 1152 First Avenue (tel: 212.688.9663)

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The 1963 film of Lord of the Flies and 1986 comedy Club Paradise, with Robin Williams and Peter O'Toole, also filmed in Port Antonio.

Cocktail location: TGI Friday, 1152 First Avenue, New York (before it reopened as the Baker Street Pub)

Cocktail location: TGI Friday, 1152 First Avenue, New York (before it reopened as the Baker Street Pub)

Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) learns the value of true lurve, and how to juggle bottles, in this predictable, flashy fluff, set mainly around New York.

The East Side bar where Brian and Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown) practise their synchronised juggling was TGI Friday’s (it has since closed down) which stood at 1152 First Avenue at 63rd Street (though the interiors filmed at a recreation of the bar in a Canadian studio). The TGI bar is now the Sherlock Holmes-themed Baker Street Pub.

Cocktail location: 50th Avenue, Queens)

Cocktail location: Flanagan’s uncle’s bar, ‘Pat’s Place’: 50th Avenue, Queens

Photograph: Anders Hansen

‘Pat’s Place’, Flanagan’s uncle’s bar,was in Queens, at the western corner of 50th Avenue and Jackson Avenue in Long Island City.

Flanagan’s success takes him to Jamaica, where the beach bar scenes were staged at Dragon Bay Beach, Port Antonio in Jamaica, where the bar is now called ­ surprise – Cruise Bar. In 2010, Tom Cruise returned to Port Antonio for the tropical island scene in Knight And Day.

The waterfall is Reach Falls, on the Drivers River, inland from Manchioneal on the northern coast.

Like many ‘New York’-set films, much of Cocktail, though, was shot in Toronto, at Soupy’s Tavern (now Stoopy’s), 376 Dundas East; Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor West; the Old Don Jail; Knox College at the University of Toronto; Casa Loma; Canada Life Building; the Beardmore Building and St John’s Norway Cemetery.

• Many thanks to Anders Hansen for help with this section.


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