Bedazzled, 1967


Stanley Donen


visit the film locations

Visit Syon Park, Brentford, Greater London.


Superior in every conceivable way to the 2000 remake.

Bedazzled filming location: The Great Conservatory, Syon Park, Brentford

Bedazzled filming location: Stanley Moon arrives in ‘Heaven’: The Great Conservatory, Syon Park, Brentford

Photograph: Syon Park

‘Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore ), longing for waitress Margaret Spencer (Eleanor Bron), is given seven wishes by George Spiggott (Peter Cook) – aja The Devil – in this hit and miss but inventive Faustian satire.

The burger bar in which Margaret works was, conveniently enough, on the High Street of Borehamwood in Hertfordshire – alongside the famous film studio. ‘Heaven’ finally turns out to be the Great Conservatory at Syon Park, Brentford (tube: Gunnersbury).

The house at Syon Park has been seen in many films, including Accident, The Madness of King George, The Wings of the Dove, Emma, Gosford Park, The Golden Bowl and – oh, well – The Avengers.

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