Blood Simple, 1984


Joel Coen


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Visit: Texas

Austin: Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau

Austin Visitor Center, 209 East Sixth Street, Austin (tel: 512.478.0098)

Eat at: the Old Pecan Street Cafe, 310 East Sixth Street (tel: 512.478.2491)

Stay at: the Heart Of Texas Motel, 5303 US 290 (tel: 512.892.0644)

Blood Simple film location: East Sixth Street, Austin

Blood Simple film location: the drugstore site of the bloody climax: Austin Visitor Center, East Sixth Street, Austin

Photograph: Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau

The locations for Blood Simple, the first feature from the Coen brothers, were found in the area of Texas state capital Austin and the nearby town of Round Rock.

The movie’s $1.5 million budget was raised by director Joel Coen hawking around a three-minute trailer while younger brother and producer Ethan worked as a statistical typist at Macy’s.

The ‘Neon Boots’ bar, run by Julian (Dan Hedaya) no longer exists. It was the Starliner, which stood on Little Cisco Road off Braker Lane at North Lamar Boulevard in the Walnut Forest area of northeast Austin (there’s now a mall on the site).

Blood Simple film location: Mount Bonnell Park, Austin

Blood Simple film location: Julian orders the killing of Ray: Mount Bonnell Park, Austin

Photograph: wikimedia / Baytownbert

The overlook, where Julian instructs private investigator Vissen (M Emmet Walsh) to kill Ray (John Getz), is Mount Bonnell Park (also known as Covert Park), above Lake Austin – not a lake at all but a stretch of the Colorado River. The park can be found on Mount Bonnell Road at the western end of 35th Street, Austin, behind Camp Mabry National Guard Installation.

Vissen traces the illicit lovers to the Heart Of Texas Motel, 5303 W Hwy 290, down in southwest Austin, near Oak Hill on Route 71/290, the Fredericksburg Road.

Hutto is a little town, population 659, about twenty miles northeast of Austin on Route 79, and it’s two miles south of Hutto on Farm Road 1660 you can find the ploughed field where the victim of the botched murder is buried.

The darkroom where Vissen burns the incriminating photos is the Old Grove Drug Building, 209 East Sixth Street, Austin, which is now helpfully home to the Austin Visitor Center. A block to the east, on the other side of the street, the apartment building into which Abby (Frances McDormand) moves, and which proves to be the scene of the bloody climax, is above the Old Pecan Street Cafe, 310 East Sixth Street.


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