Bad Lieutenant, 1992


Abel Ferrara


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Werner Herzog’s 2009 film Bad Lieutenant, with Nicolas Cage, has little in common apart from the title and the concept of a drug-addled cop. It was filmed around New Orleans.

Although Harvey Keitel is frighteningly intense as a doomed Catholic cop who witnesses the rape of a nun, the movie plays bizarrely like Andy Warhol filming a rejected Martin Scorsese script on a grant from the Catholic Truth Society.

It was filmed around New York’s Little Italy area, in the Bronx and in Jersey City. The grocery store where the Lieutenant sorts out the robbery is Median Foods, 461 Seventh Avenue near 35th Street, midtown Manhattan.

He finally attains redemption, handing over the money which would have saved his life, to the two rapists, at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Eighth Avenue between West 40th and West 42nd Streets.


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