All That Jazz, 1979


Bob Fosse


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New York: Flights: JFK Airport

Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway at 46th Street (tel: 212.730.8200)


The central character, Joe Gideon, is editing a black-and-white film about a controversial stand-up comic. Bob Fosse directed the black-and-white biopic Lenny, with Dustin Hoffman as comedian Lenny Bruce.

Taking its title from a number in Chicago (originally choreographed by Fosse on Broadway), Bob Fosse’s story of workaholic, sexually compulsive choreographer, Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider) seems more than a little autobiographical, was filmed on location around New York.

The opening ‘cattle call’ audition for aspiring hoofers was staged in Manhattan’s Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway in the Theatre District.

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