Tuesday July 14th 2020

Field Trip

Field Trip, the location-based app from Google’s Niantic Labs, is available for the iPhone and iPad.

Field Trip

If you’ve not seen Field Trip yet, it’s the invaluable guide to fascinating, hidden, and unique things in the world around you. Running in the background on your phone, it will notify you when you get close to something interesting – the information simply pops up on your phone automatically.

And if you have a headset or bluetooth connected, it can even read the info to you.

It’s like having a bunch of the most knowledgeable locals on hand to make sure you miss nothing. It’s absolutely indispensable if you’re visiting somewhere new, and even you think you know your own neighbourhood, you may be surprised at what’s just around the corner.

You can customise the app to suit your particular interests, which will no doubt include film locations.

Movie-Locations.com is delighted to be a partner with Field Trip (along with the likes of Curbed, Inhabitat, Eater, Food Network, Zagat, Atlas Obscura and Cool Hunting), which means that it can notify you not only about the fascinating history around you, the best restaurants and coolest bars to visit, must-attend events coming up, but also about those fantastically irresistible movie locations you won’t want to miss.

And the great thing is, Field Trip is absolutely free – download it now from the Apple App Store or Google Play.