The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations: The Essential Travel Guide Book to Film Locations

(Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations) the best travel brochure you'll ever see...
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The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations offers a unique travel experience. It's the only worldwide guide to take you into the movies.

If you've ever wondered 'Where did they film that?', this book lets you into the secrets of the locations of 1,600 films.

The Worldwide Guide doubles as a treasure trove of compulsive film trivia and as a travel guide for the tourist looking for something more than the standard sights.

A completely revised and updated edition of the hugely successful 2001 guide, opening up a whole new world of travel, adventure and exploration in 464 fact-packed pages.

"there's never been anything quite like Tony Reeves' Worldwide Guide... incredibly comprehensive..." TOTAL FILM

With this guide, you'll be able to enjoy creme brulée with Amelie Poulain in Montmartre (Amelie), follow 'Popeye' Doyle's frenetic carchase through Brooklyn (The French Connection) and sing along with Maria around the Old Town of Salzburg (The Sound of Music).

It will point you to unforgettable cinema icons such as the Corleone compound (The Godfather), Harry Lime's ferris wheel (The Third Man) and the scary house of possessed Regan McNeill (The Exorcist).

The guide opens up a world of natural wonders, from the buffalo herds (Dances With Wolves) to spectacular waterfalls (The Mission) and breathtaking deserts (Lawrence of Arabia).

"the movie buff's perfect travelling companion... weekend breaks will never be the same..." THE GUARDIAN

Forget the everyday. This Guide lets you travel to fictitious places: dare you brave the waters off 'Amity Island' (Jaws)? do you want to soak up some rays with Tom Ripley on ‘Mongibello’ (The Talented Mr Ripley)? Or explore the sinister streets of 'Lumbertown' (Blue Velvet)?

And why limit yourself to this world? Enjoy breakfast with Luke Skywalker on 'Tatooine' (Star Wars), visit Calima, the birthplace of ape civilisation (Planet of the Apes) or gaze out from Naboo's Lake Country retreat with Anakin and Padme (Attack of the Clones).

And what other guide allows you to travel in time as well as space: LA of the 30s with JJ Gittes (Chinatown). LA of the 50s with Russell Crowe (LA Confidential). LA of the 90s with Pacino and De Niro (Heat) and even LA of 2019 with Rick Deckard (Blade Runner).

"magnificently researched... this would make the perfect companion when visiting any hotspot. that said, there are few places on the planet that don't get a mention..." EMPIRE

Check out the tricks of the trade: see how 'New York' was recreated in Trieste, Italy (Godfather Part II), a 'California' mine in Sussex (A View To A Kill) and a spooky 'New England' mansion in the Midlands of England (The Haunting).

"fantastic... does exactly what it says on the tin..." LONDON EVENING STANDARD

There has never been a travel guide like The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations. The adventure starts here....

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